The Burgundy Velvet Reign Wedding Invitation

Our Burgundy Velvet Reign Invitation is the perfect paring for a fall wedding with its Warm Velvet coating layering the back of the invitation, complete with a gold backed monogram design. [...]

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Project Your Vision into Reality

Do you have a specific idea or vision in mind for your wedding or event? Perhaps you were inspired by Kimye’s wedding at the Fort di Belvedere in Florence, Italy but [...]

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CSC Does It Again at SAGU Spring Annual Employee Appreciation Event!

We’ve recently created a invitation set for the Southern Assembly of God University's, or SAGU, Annual Spring Social Event, and we’re proud of our work! See more of the details below! [...]

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The Art of Beautiful Invitations

Invitations are a crucial part of the wedding planning process – you want to invite guests in the traditional manner without compromising your personal individuality. The Blushing Reign Invitation [...]

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5 Hottest Wedding Trends For Fall 2016

There’s a lot to love about weddings this fall, like jewel-toned color palettes, wild-looking bouquets and tall cascading centerpieces. See what’s new! Fall Wedding Cake [...]

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Introducing Our Baby Shower Collection

Introducing Our Baby Shower Collection Exclusively At CSC It's always a wonderful time when a new life enters the world. What better way to show everyone you love [...]

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Introducing Our Inspirational Line

Introducing Our Inspirational Line Exclusively At CSC Inspiration can be found from many places...and in our case, we have been moved by many things and people! So, [...]

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How To: Planning For a Large Guest List

Having more than 200 people at your wedding? Follow these tips to accommodate your guests comfortably when your list is large. If you and your partner both come from huge families [...]

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Professional Wedding Invitation Techniques

If you decide to leave the invitation creation to the professionals, there are many different options to consider with just as many different price points. We've created a quick reference list to break down basic [...]

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How To Select Upscale Wedding Invitations for an Upscale Wedding

You've waited a long time for this... You’ve set the date for your wedding, and you’re set to marry the one you love. You’ve dreamed of this moment for as long as [...]

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