CSC Does It Again at SAGU Spring Annual Employee Appreciation Event!

We’ve recently created a invitation set for the Southern Assembly of God University’s, or SAGU, Annual Spring Social Event, and we’re proud of our work! See more of the details below!

SAGU invitations

We were simply honored when SAGU reached out to Chocolate Silk Creations, simply looking for something nice to provide for their annual Employee Appreciation Event.

Chocolate Silk Creations has gorgeous designs! La-Keesha was so nice and donated a few notecard sets and gift certificates to our company’s annual employee appreciation event. Our employees were thrilled to receive such exquisite, hand crafted cards. Thank you, La-Keesha and keep up with this beautiful artwork! – Jessica Grissom, Executive Administrator Ast.

CSC went above and beyond this request and we provided some of our best creations to showcase and present to their long-time, hard working employees. Some of these wonderful employees have worked as long as 25 years at SAGU!

Take a look at some of the creations that the honorees have received!

25th Anniversary Box

A bit of online research will go a long way and as usual we would love to hear what you have found and what you think will work best for your wedding.

Post your findings on our Facebook Page or email us to keep us in the loop!

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